Saturday, 29 March 2014

THE WEEKEND: Saturday feast.

Hey everyone, how are you all? Its finally the weekend! I thought I'd show you in this post what I got up to today. Its payday weekend (my very first pay from my new job woohoo) so my boyfriend and I thought it'd be nice to get out and about and treat ourselves to some nice food! And maybe do a little sneaky shopping too ;)

I got up about 9ish which is quite a good lie in for me, I get up at 6.15 on weekdays and my body just doesn't seem to like to sleep much later on my days off! I did a bit of tidying up, had some Ready Brek (I'm such a big kid haha) then got myself ready for the day! We headed into Belfast at about 1ish which was quite good going since I'm the slowest person in the world! It was a bit grim outside, rainy dull and chilly, but thats generally the norm for us in Ireland!

Mandatory car selfie!

Dressed for comfort!

 Clearly not pleased with the weather

Not the classiest car park in Belfast, at £2.50 for the day who can really complain though?!

We were both starving so we decided to head for some food first. After some debate we chose to go to Alley Cat, which is right in the centre of town. Its a bar/yummy food place, its pretty casual and has recently been renovated with cute little booths added and the most amazing wall art. It also does pretty good teapot cocktails, mmmmm.

We had some milkshakes while we looked at the menu, I went for Salted Caramel and Dom had a Chocolate Brownie one. They were seriously thick shakes and so good!

How cool is this?

The menu consists mainly of burgers and hot dogs with really scrummy side orders.
I went for sweet potato fries (all time fave) and southern spiced buttermilk chicken goujons.

Dom had mac n' cheese and a 'Pig out' burger consisting of a beef patty, bbq pulled pork, onion rings and slaw. 

Your food is served altogether on a cool little tray and you get plates so you can serve your own food and try a little of everything!

As you can see in the next pictures I had some struggles with eating my corn hahaha

After having eaten all I could, with Dom demolishing the rest of my food, we got the bill which came in a little cup with sweets?! Amazing!

All in all, Alley Cat is seriously good! The staff are really friendly and the atmosphere is great. If you're in Belfast its definitely one to try!

Next up we did a little shopping.. oops. Urban Outfitters had their sale on and while I managed to resist the urge to buy some New Balance trainers I just couldn't leave this little purse in the store. How cute is it?? It was half price down to £7 so I just had to!

I might have also been to Topshop... and bought some new jeans. I've tried really all of Topshops jeans and have loved them all. So when I saw the new Girlfriend jeans I had to! I haven't tried them on yet so I'm not sure what they'll be like on, they're a little different to my normal super skinny Leighs but I have a feeling it'll be love!

I just love American sweets and drinks so I had to get a mix up and some Cream Soda!

Tonight I'm planning on just chilling tonight and watching a movie with a big mug of this stuff!

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you live in Belfast and have any restaurant recommendation, let me know in the comments!

Rachael x

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