Monday, 26 May 2014

Motivational Monday | Week One

Hi everyone, long time no speak! Apologies for the absence, I've been stuck in a bit of a rut and haven't really felt inspired to write anything lately. I think I'm over that now though so should be back with more regular posts!

To ease myself back in I though I'd post something a little different today, not the standard beauty/lifestyle post. 

I've decided to start a little feature on the blog called Motivational Monday. Since I've started working regular 9-5 hours I've noticed more and more that people hate Mondays. I mean really hate them. They use Monday as a reason to be miserable. Which in turn sets them up to have a terrible day. Now, I am as guilty as anybody of having the so called Monday blues but recently I've been taking a slightly different approach and have been trying to start my week off really positively. 

I'm beginning to see Monday as a new start, a day full of possibility. A day where we should be setting ourselves up for success and to have a wonderful week! 

From now on I'm going to schedule a Motivational Monday post to go up at 9am every Monday morning. It will just be a short post, something funny or maybe a nice quote, just something to remind us all to have a great Monday.

I hope you guys like this idea and maybe you'll join it too! If you want to join in I'll leave links to my social media below and hopefully we can spread the positivity!

Thanks for reading, have a great week and an awesome Monday!

Rachael x

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Everybody loves pancakes, right?

Pancakes are my favourite. I like them for breakfast, I like them for lunch.. I reckon I could even eat them for dinner. In short, I love pancakes.

What I don't love however is how unhealthy they can be. 

Thats why I decided to try to make my own healthier alternative.

I looked online, checking out different recipes, taking bits and pieces from recipes I liked and I managed to come up with a recipe I'm pretty happy with. plus they tasted really good! 

Banana and raspberry pancakes
Makes around 6-8 small pancakes


1 banana (Make sure it's ripe)
100g raspberries fresh/frozen (You could also use blueberries, strawberries etc or even leave this part out and make plain pancakes)
200ml unsweetened almond milk
200g multipurpose flour (You could also use gluten free flour if you prefer)
1 teaspoon vanilla/maple syrup (This is optional, if you haven't got any in it won't make a huge difference)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon salt


If you have a food processor/blender, puree the banana, almond milk and vanilla/maple syrup. If you haven't got a food processor/blender you can mash it together by hand, its just a little more work. You want the mixture to be pretty runny.

In a bowl mix all of the dry ingredients together, then pour your liquid mixture in and mix together until its combined. At this point you'll want to stir your berries in.

Heat your frying pan/pancake maker/griddle to a medium heat and pour some oil (coconut is best) or spread some butter over to avoid the pancakes sticking. 

Pour the mixture onto your heated pan, its up to you big you want your pancakes to be so you can decide how much mixture you pour on. 

Once bubbles have started to form in the batter, flip your pancake. Let the second side cook for between 45 to 60 seconds and remove from the heat. I normally check my first pancake to see that it properly cooked the whole way through. If it is, perfect. If not, lower the heat slightly and cook for a while longer.

While I'm making the rest of my pancakes I normally leave the already cooked one's in the oven at about 80C°, so that when you're ready to eat them they're still nice and warm.


When it comes to toppings you don't want to ruin your hard work and choose really unhealthy options, so I usually choose one or a combination of the healthier options below.

Greek yogurt
Lemon juice
Flaked almonds
Cacao nibs
Nut butters

So there we have it guys, yummy pancakes that aren't TOO bad for you!
Let me know if any of you try the recipe, or if you have any good tips/healthy recipes I can try!

Rachael x

Sunday, 4 May 2014

What I've Been Loving This Month | April

I can't believe it's May already?! This year is going by so quickly! I'm looking forward to the next few months and hopefully the better weather though!

This months favourites is quite varied, there's a few rediscoveries in there as I didn't buy too many new things during April because I've been trying to use up things I already have to clear a bit of space in my bedroom! 

I only have one make up item this month and it's a foundation that I always seem to go back to, no matter what. Of course it's Estee Lauder Double Wear.

Shade 1N2 Ecru.

This foundation and I go way back, we have a bit of a love/hate relationship. I wear it for weeks, loving the fuller coverage it gives then suddenly one morning I apply it and it just looks flat. So I move on to a new foundation, then one day I'll be having a bad skin day, and I go back to it and its love again! That's definitely a girl thing haha! Double Wear is a great foundation, it gives quite a full coverage, but you can buff it in to create a really flawless base. Estee Lauder have a great shade range and at £28.50 it's definitely worth trying. I find that people with oilier skin seem to get on with it better, but I have dry skin and as long as I blend it in really well I have no problems with it. I wouldn't recommend it for a night out, solely because it has an SPF in and if you're taking photo's, you can get quite bad ghost-face because of the flashback. Apart from that though its definitely a brilliant foundation.

 L-R Sugar Apple, Blueberry, Grapefruit.

How gorgeous are these Barry M Gelly polishes?! I loved the Gelly polishes last year when they came out, they have a brilliant range of shades, they apply really well and they last ages on my nails. Naturally when the new Spring/Summer shades came out I was running straight to Boots! They're an absolute bargain at £3.99 each and I honestly can't rave about them enough.

My next favourite is a new discovery, I've been using it since around February time now and it has been a godsend. I have the driest hands around, like seriously they're like old peoples hands, it's horrible! Therefore a good hand cream is an absolute necessity for me and this offering from L'Occitane is perfect. It's their Shea Butter hand cream and it is so so nice. It's really rich and moisturising without leaving your hands really greasy and meaning you can't touch anything for ten minutes. It smells super fresh and lovely too. This is definitely a winner!

Next up is the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray. I have long hair, lots of long hair. I like volume, but I also like my hair to look a bit messy and bed-heady. I'm asking a lot, I know, but this baby was definitely made for me. It's exactly what I need! After I straighten my hair I spray this all over, let it settle for a few seconds, then ruffle through my hair with my fingers (such a technical explanation hahaha). It gives it texture and makes it look a bit undone which is exactly what I want! I've heard that this is even better than the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray which I'm very pleased about! Now I don't have to fork out all that money to try it!

My next favourite of the month kind of contradicts what I've just said about my hair... (woops). Stay with me here, I'll try and explain! As well as liking my hair to look messy and undone, I like it to look smooth and in good condition... Naahh... I've lost you now haven't I? If you know what I mean then you'll like ths product. It's the Percy & Reed Wonder Balm. This stuff is seriously holy grail. It can be used on wet/dry hair, and it claims to "give moisture, shine, smoothness, definition, softness, light hold, high humidity protection and manageability". Phew, that's a lot... but I honestly think it does all of those things. I run it through my hair when it's dry and it works wonders. It retails at £18.00 which is a tad pricey for a hair product, but it's so worth it!

 A water bottle? Really?

Yup. This water bottle has been getting so much use this month! I drink a lot of water, usually about 3 litres a day and I've been reading a lot about bottled water recently. It's said that lots of chemicals from the plastic aren't very good for you, especially if you're refilling the bottle and using it for a few days, which is exactly what I normally do. I saw this in Tesco though a few weeks ago, its a Bobble bottle, it has a filter as part of the lid, so you can refill it and drink nice filtered water. Also the bottle is safe to drink from. It costs about £10 and you need to replace the filter every two months. The filters are sold separately and only cost £6 so although it sounds pricey, it's far cheaper than buying bottled water constantly.

Finally, another random favourite is this tea. It's from Dr Stuart and its the Detox tea. I picked this up in Holland and Barrett at the start of the month and I've finished this box now and will be purchasing another next time I'm in. Its a naturally decaffeinated tea and is supposed to be good for your insides. It's a herbal infusion with dandelion and burdock, peppermint and spearmint. I try to avoid dairy products in my diet which means I don't drink normal tea or coffee, so I really like herbal teas. This one tastes great and I've been having it most mornings in work. I'm not too sure about the detoxing properties but if anybody else has tried it and noticed a detoxing effect please let me know! I have my eye on the other teas in the range, especially the Skin Purify one so I think I'll get some different ones to try!

So thats everything I've loved throughout April! I've already done quite a bit of shopping this month, so I'll be posting a Haul within the next week or so! 

What have your favourites been this month?

Rachael x


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